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3 Things to Consider When Shopping for BBQs

3 Things to Consider When Shopping for BBQs

Summer is the season where BBQ is king! The draw of spending time outdoors extends to mealtimes and food preparation. One of the most popular ways Californians like to cook outside is on a grill. Look in any backyard and you’ll likely find some kind of BBQ in Torrance, CA. Some BBQs are a simple charcoal grill that used to belong to grandpa or dad, and some are an elaborate and beautifully integrated gas grills that are part of an outdoor kitchen. Whatever you have in your backyard, summertime is when a lot of people think about adding a BBQ or upgrading what they currently have. Here are 3 things to think about when you’re in the market for a BBQ. 

Gas vs. Charcoal

Gas grills use a propane tank that attaches to the grill. Sometimes your home comes with a gas hookup off the side or back of your house where you can connect your BBQ. Charcoal grills use special briquettes that you have to light and tend in order to encourage the fire to start. Both have pros and cons, but the main difference is simply the type of fuel used and how quickly you can get started.


Talk to your BBQ salesperson about how hot the grills can get. BBQs that can reach higher temperatures give a better sear on the food you’re grilling. With gas grills, you’ll be able to light the fire right away and have good heat after a few minutes. Charcoal grills need the briquettes to be started early and it can take a while for them to be ready.


Think about your grilling needs. Do you need prep area? Do you plan to do a lot of grilling and need a large grilling rack? Do you frequently grill fruits and vegetables along with meat? You may need a two-tier grill. Also, the shape of your BBQ will have an influence on how the heat is captured inside.

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