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Gas vs Charcoal Grills: Which One Should You Use?

Gas vs Charcoal Grills: Which One Should You Use?
This is one of the first decisions that any person has to make whenever they are looking for a new grill and the “war” between charcoal and gas is a much debated one, with avid supporters on both sides. With this being said, for the average person looking for decent grills on sale, the main question they all ask is whether or not there is a price difference between the two types of grills. Well, when it comes to taste there are two main elements that influence it: searing and smoke. Searing is the process that makes the surface of meats brown and what gives the stake that sweet and savory taste that we all love about it. When it comes to searing, the goal of any chef is to obtain a uniform color, without any grills marks. That is when you know you have obtained the perfect searing and that is when your stake will be more appreciated and as far as this aspect is concerned, gas grills on sale are probably better. The reason is because gas grills produce a constant heat that is easier to control compared to charcoal ones.

The next aspect that influences taste is smoke and here is where charcoal grills have an advantage. Noting compares with the aroma of a smoked piece of steak in your plate and charcoal will produce more smoke than gas and offer the steak a much better aroma. However, smoke will not influence very much the taste of food that is cooked rapidly such as burgers or hot dogs, so if that is what you are planning to grill most of the times, you are better off with a gas grill. In addition, gas grills these days are covered with metal plates and ceramic rock that vaporize any dripping that might come from the meat and thus provide a similar aroma to charcoal grills, which is why most major steakhouses these days use gas grills as opposed to charcoal ones. However, charcoal grills do make the steak better when it comes to those meats that you have to cook for a longer time or when you want to obtain a nice searing and still maintain the pink interior of the meat.

With this being said, the last decision is up to every individual buyer. Those who can appreciate the taste that charcoal offers to their steak and have where to place this type of grill cam certainly buy it, but those who prefer the more user-friendly gas grill will also be able to enjoy delicious steaks. Gas grills are easier to clean and to control temperature-wise while charcoal ones will offer steaks that delicious smoke aroma that makes the difference between a good steak and a great one. With the help of dedicated review websites, people can read numerous reviews of various grills and thus they have the possibility to make an informed decision. It all depends on what is more important to you taste or ease of use? The answer to this question will guide you to the right direction.

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