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Must Have BBQ Accessories

Must Have BBQ Accessories
On a monthly basis approximately sixty-three percent of the people in the United States grill out. The two most popular grilled foods are steaks and hamburgers. Grilling out can be a lot of fun but it cannot be done without having the right accessories. The most important BBQ accessories is the grill, which can be a charcoal or gas grill. Using a gas grill it burns in a greener fashion and using a charcoal grill emits carbon monoxide, which can pollute the environment. Charcoal grills use charcoal briquettes while a gas grill uses liquid propane. There are also two other types of grills, which are the electric and infrared. When choosing a size get one a size larger than what you think is sufficient. Do not purchase a grill that comes with features that you will not use.

Some of the other BBQ accessories that you must have include:

Grill grates: These are what forms the cooking surface of your grill and where you will place the food you are grilling. The rods of the grates are spaced out so the food is cooked by the fire but does not fall into the ashes. You can get them in porcelain, steel, cast iron, or stainless steel. You want to make sure that the grate has sturdy strong rods that will last a long time. The cast iron grate is sturdy and will hold the heat longer but it takes good maintenance. Make sure that after they have cooled that you clean and grease them the grates so the food will not stick to the grates.
Chimney starter: Lighting a grill using lighter fluid and matches is dangerous. A chimney starter has a cylindrical shape and at the base you put some paper with the charcoal briquettes on top of them. Use a lighter to light the paper, which will light the charcoal. When you transfer the hot charcoal to the grill make sure that you are using heat-resistant oven mitts or gloves.
Grill baskets: These BBQ accessories are a necessary, especially when you are cooking smaller foods. They will keep them from falling through the grate into the coals. They come with a lid that looks the food in the basket and long handles so you can lift and flip it over easily. There are also specialized grilling baskets that are designed to fit corn, meatballs, fish, etc. but these are not essential. A simple grill basket will do the job.

Other BBQ accessories that you need are grilling tongs, turners or spatulas, a grill brush to clean the grates, meat thermometer, and basting brush.

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